Butylated MF Resin


 MF resins, also known as melamine formaldehyde resins provides good exterior durability, chemical resistance and colour retention. The product is widely used in stoving industrial and automotive primers, topcoats, and metal decoration coating.

 MF resins generally offer even better hardness and scratch resistance, making them ideal for demanding applications. MF resins are especially suited for high-performance coatings due to their superior hardness, heat resistance, and chemical resistance.

 MF resins typically have higher heat resistance than UF resins, allowing them to withstand higher temperatures in stoving finishes and other applications.

Sr no Product Code Type Solvent % Non Volatiles (min) (±2) Viscosity in
poises at25° C
Acid Value mg
KOH/gm max
Mineral Spirit
ml/10gm Resin
1 MACRINO MF-268 Butylated MF n-Butanol 60 7 - 10 3 30-50

Uses: Butylated MF resin used in high gloss stoving enamels with alkyds, epoxy’s and acrylic resins.

2 MACRINO MF - 910 Butylated MF n-Butanol 60 8-12 3 30-50

Uses:Butylated MF resin providing highly efficient, fast curing colour retentive stoving enamels and is resistant to overbaking.

3 MACRINO MF-970 Butylated MF n-Butanol 68 ± 3 8-12 3 Infinite

Uses: Butylated MF resin exhibiting wide compatibility, low temperature curing flexible lacquers for metalized plastic articles. Useful for MTO based finishes and antiwrikling agent for rosinated alkyds based on stoving finishes. Provides infinite MTO/White Spirit tolerance.

4 MACRINO MF-862 Methylated MF Methanol / n-Butanol 80 30 - 50 3 5 - 10

Uses: High solid and high reactivity. Gives very good gloss. Use for high solid coating.

5 MACRINO MF - 806 Butylated N-Butanol 80 25 - 65 1.5 1:3 - 10

Uses: Butylated MF resin with very high reactive and fast curing. Exhibits excellent gloss and marr resistance. Can be used in high solid coatings for automotive top coats and primers. Provides MTO/ White Spirit tolerance up to 1:10

6 MACRINO MF - 1158 Medium Solid n-Butylated MF Resin n-Butanol 76.5 + 1.0 (105°C/3 HR/2Gm) Z - Z5 0.1 White Spirit tolerance = min 800%

Uses: Tri, N-butylated, highly reactive NH type of butylated, compatible with esters, Ketones & Alchohols. Better humidity, chemical resistance & intercoat adhesion. Used in MAR resistance clear coats.

7 MACRINO MF - 4514 High Solid mix coetherified n-Butanol 92 - 96 (105°C/ 3 HR/2Gm) W - Z2 --- ---

Uses: Penta type, Me/ n-bu, low reactivity with strong catalyst. Use in automotive clear coats for MAR resistance. Improves leveling & resistance to overbaking & blistering resistance. Use in high solid base & top coats.

8 MACRINO MF - 9891 N butylated MF resin for Clear Coat N-Butanol / Xylene 55.5 + 1.5 (105°C/3 HR/2Gm) D - H 3 ---

Uses: Tetra N-Bu. Medium reactive, Higher mol wt. cross linker. Good Hydrocarbon Tolerance. Good intercoat & substrance adhesion. Use with suitable Acrylic / Alkyd/ Polyester for solvent borne automotive Base & top coats.

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