P – 111-60%

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  • Economical
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Good light fastness
  • Good exterior durability
  • Excellent stain resistance


P-111 is linear oil free polyester developed for use in Coil Coating, sheet fed Metal Decorating and General Industrial applications.

P-111 is compatible with a wide range of melamine resins and is typically hexamethoxymethyl melamine and partially methylated melamine.

For an optimum performance with respect to level of cure, flexibility, hardness and impact resistance, a combination of P-111 with hexamethoxymethyl melamine resin at ratio of 70:30 to 85:15 on solid resin content is suggested.

To promote cure, the use of between1% to 5% of acid catalyst is recommended, e.g. para toluene Sulphonic Acid, calculated on melamine solids.

Variation in the levels of P-111 and the type of amino resin will modify the overall performance of the coating. Increasing the level of amino resin (and catalyst) will generally tend to increase the hardness and solvent resistance of the coating but may compromise flexibility.

For Coil Coating:

Applications an 85:15 to 80:20 ratio, on solids, with hexamethoxymethyl melamine resin is recommended with 2% PTSA catalyst on amino level.

For Metal Decorating:

On solids, of 72:18:10 OFPE: melamine: epoxy resin (epoxy equ. »500) with 2% PTSA solids amino is suitable.

Part methylated amino resin can be used in place of hexamethoxymethyl melamine and will develop very good hardness & solvent resistance but at the expense of flexibility.

General industrial enamels:

Can be formulated with 70:30 to 80:20 ratios with hexamethoxymethyl melamine or part methylated melamine, with 2% PTSA catalyst. Enamels based on P-111 exhibit good light fastness results after prolonged UV exposure and finishes are resistant to staining from a variety of household materials.


Viscosity as such in Brook Field LVT/S – 3, RPM – 12 at 25°C Temperature 20 – 30 Poise
Viscosity in Gardner Bubble Viscometer at 25°C Temperature
Color on Gardner Scale 3 Max
Acid Value (mg KOH/gm) 10 Max
Hydroxyl Value 55 + 5
Solvent (Aromatic : Butyl Glycol) (75 : 25)


n-Butyl Acetate Complete Soluble
Xylene Not Soluble
MTO /LAWS Not Soluble


P-111 60 ± 2% in (Aromatic : Butyl Glycol) (75 : 25)

Suggested Curing Schedules

Coil Coating 232°C - 240°C Temperature As per Requirement
Metal Decorating 160°C - 200°C Temperature 10 Minutes
General Industrial 150°C Temperature 30 Minutes
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