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Aliphatic Amine Epoxy Adduct Solution


Epoxy hardener based on aliphatic amine adduct with epoxy resin for solvent based ambient cure chemical resistant coatings.


H-101 in combination with Epoxy Resin 450 is very useful for chemical resistance coatings with or without coal tar modifications. H-101 has physiological and technological advantage as compared to use of aliphatic polyamine alone. Further it improves ease of application, appearance and other properties, notably freedom from bloom. In addition it provides low toxicity and manageable mixing ratio with Epoxy Resins. H-101 when properly formulated generally gives well to excellent resistance against water and aqueous media, except organic acids and solvents like ketones and glycol ethers. Recommended cure schedule is 2 - 7 days at room temperature approx. 250 C and for accelerated cure, coating may be forced cure at elevated temperature of 80 - 120°C Temperature for 30 minutes.


Viscosity as such at 30°C Temperature in Ford Cup B-4 110 – 130 Second
Amine value (As Such) 100 – 125
Color on Gardner Scale 2 Max


Soluble in equal mixture by weight of Butanol-Xylene Complete Soluble
Ketones Complete Soluble
n-Butyl Acetate Complete Soluble
Methyl Ethyl Ketone Complete Soluble
Ethyl Acetate Complete Soluble
Turpentine Not Soluble
MTO /LAWS Not Soluble


Melamine Resin
EPOXY – 450 75% Compatible
Epoxy CR – 250 100% Compatible
Polyamide Resin Compatible
Short Oil in Xylene/Toluene Not Compatible
Long Oil in MTO/LAWS Not Compatible
Not Compatible
Urea Resin Not Compatible


H – 101 Solvent Mixture by Weight 1:1 40 ± 2% Xylene & n-Butanol
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