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CP – 110 100% is a solvent free slightly branched Castor Oil based polyol can be used with polyisocynate for two component system. Two component system can be used for construction Industries, Flooring, Steel Surface & Concrete.

CP – 110 100% is generally compatible with polyol and MDI and HDI polyisocynate. It can be combined with Desmodour L to formulate highly resistance sealing compound.


  • Good Balance between Elasticity and Hardness
  • Excellent water and acid resistance
  • Binder for flexible floor coating
  • Excellent pigment wetting property
  • Excellent abrasion resistance.


Oil Castor Oil
Solid Content + 2% 98 – 100%


Viscosity as such in Brook Field RVT with SSA SP – 28, RPM – 5 at 25°C Temperature 10 ± 5 Poise
Acid Value (mg KOH/gm) on Solid 2 Max
Color on Gardner Scale 5 Max
Hydroxyl Value (mg HOK/gm) on Solid 180 ± 5
% OH Content 5.40%
Water Content 0.20% Max


CP – 110 100% can be thinned with esters, ketones, ether esters and aromatic hydrocarbons. Prolonged storage of a solution with low binder content may result in turbidity and sedimentation. Only PUR grade solvents should be used (<0.05 % water). The solvent should not contain reactive groups.


Xylene Complete Soluble
MTO / WS / LAMS Complete Soluble
n-Butyl Acetate Complete Soluble
Ethyl Glycol Acetate Complete Soluble
n-Butanol Complete Soluble
Ethyl Alcohol Complete Soluble


CP – 110 98 – 100%
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