ACRY - 35

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Acrylic modified drying Oil Alkyd


Very high gloss. Excellent built in air drying properties for industrial finishes. Very fast and rapid drying resin (60% in xylene) and drying similar to nitrocellulose lacquers. Excellent outdoor weather resistance, & good water and oil resistance properties. Excellent non absorbation in porous surface.


Pale colored varnishes for industrial use. Hard dry just within minutes. Can be used in place of Nitro Cellulose based lacquers.


Oil Content 25 % min.
Polyacrylate ester 55 % min.
Phthalic Anhydride 14 % min.
Polyol 6 % min.


Viscosity as such in Brook Field RVT SSA / S – 28, RPM-100 at 30°C Temperature 29 – 35 Poise
Viscosity in 50% Solution in Mix Xylene in Brook Field RVT SSA/S – 28, RPM – 100 at 25°C Temp. 6 – 9 Poise
Acid value (mg KOH/gm) 10 Max
Color on Gardner Scale 6 Max


Xylene Complete Soluble
Cellosolve solvent Complete Soluble
n-Butyl Acetate Complete Soluble
Methyl Ethyl Ketone Complete Soluble
n-Butanol Not Soluble
MTO /LAWS Not Soluble


Short Oil in Xylene/Toluene Not Compatible
Melamine Resin Not Compatible
Urea Resin Not Compatible
Long Oil in MTO/LAWS Not Compatible


ACRY 35 60 ± 2 % in Xylene

Drying Time

Touch Dry 5 Minutes Max
Tack Free 15 Minutes Max
Hard Dry 240 Minutes Max
Panel Testing Over Night H
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